Do I bore you?

Do I bore you?

Tell me, do I bore you?bored
Adore me.
like you did back then.
Ignore me.
while you still can.
Explore me.
Come in and  find out.
Go for me.
will you still scream and shout?
War me.
fight love with all your might.
Ask for me.
when you’re lonely at night.
Whore me.
well, I would pay for myself…
So store me.
on your cramped asset shelf.
You swore me.
you played your last card.
Now floor me.
and crush my still devoted heart…

Tell me, am I really such a bore?
You’ll keep on leaving me,
just a bit more.
but please, darling, from now on,
use the back door?
(c) Lou

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